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Germani (Oretania)

The Germani were an obscure pre-Andalusia.

Germani (Oretania) Origins

Apparently of mixed Belgae and Germanic descent, the Germani migrated to the Iberia around the fourth Century BC.[1][2] They also included people of Celtiberian and native Iberian-Tartessian affiliation, and it has been suggested that their language was a form of Proto-Germanic.[citation needed]

Germani (Oretania) Culture

Archeological evidence retrieved from local Celtiberians.

Germani (Oretania) Location

Located to the west of the Ciudad Real).

Germani (Oretania) History

Whether the Germani were clients or allies of the wealthy 2nd Punic War.

Germani (Oretania) Romanization

The Germani appear to have adopted a less hostile stance towards Rome and in 156 BC they too were included into Hispania Citerior Province, being gradually assimilated by the Oretani though retaining their Celto-Germanic cultural identity for several more centuries.

Germani (Oretania) Notes

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Germani (Oretania) References

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